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Alaska Region Headquarters
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Regional News:
  • Alaska and Northwestern Canada Climate Outlook: NOAA is happy to share with you the latest release of the Regional Climate Impacts and Outlook, a snapshot of recent weather and climate events plus a climate forecast for the coming three months. This publication, developed in partnership with many federal, state, local, and academic contributors, is released in September, December, March and June. (06/23/16)

AKZ191 AKZ185 AKZ187 AKZ017 AKZ018 AKZ019 AKZ019 AKZ020 AKZ021 AKZ022 AKZ023 AKZ024 AKZ025 AKZ026 AKZ027 AKZ028 AKZ029 AKZ101 AKZ111 AKZ121 AKZ125 AKZ131 AKZ135 AKZ141 AKZ145 AKZ152W AKZ152E AKZ155 AKZ155 AKZ161W AKZ161E AKZ171 AKZ171 AKZ181 AKZ195 AKZ195 PKZ179 AKZ201 AKZ202 AKZ203 AKZ204 AKZ205 AKZ206 AKZ207 AKZ208 AKZ209 AKZ210 AKZ211 AKZ212 AKZ213 AKZ213 AKZ214 AKZ215 AKZ216 AKZ217 AKZ218 AKZ219 AKZ220 AKZ221 AKZ222 AKZ223 AKZ224 AKZ225 AKZ226 AKZ227 PKZ119 PKZ120 PKZ130 PKZ131 PKZ139 PKZ140 PKZ160 PKZ165 PKZ180 PKZ181 PKZ170 PKZ172 PKZ173 PKZ174 PKZ175 PKZ176 PKZ414 PKZ310 PKZ351 PKZ352 PKZ411 PKZ412 PKZ413 PKZ500 PKZ505 PKZ510 PKZ011 PKZ012 PKZ013 PKZ021 PKZ022 PKZ031 PKZ032 PKZ033 PKZ034 PKZ035 PKZ036 PKZ041 PKZ042 PKZ043 PKZ051 PKZ053 PKZ052 PKZ121 PKZ125 PKZ126 PKZ127 PKZ128 PKZ129 PKZ132 PKZ136 PKZ137 PKZ138 PKZ141 PKZ150 PKZ155 PKZ171 PKZ177 PKZ178 PKZ185 PKZ200 PKZ210 PKZ215 PKZ220 PKZ225 PKZ230 PKZ235 PKZ240 PKZ245 Canada
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Alaska Weather Hazards Map

Watches, Warnings, and Advisories:
178: Kiska to Attu
...small craft advisory tonight... (Issued: 15:45 06/26/2016)
173: Nikolski to Segum Island Bering Side
...small craft advisory monday night... (Issued: 15:45 06/26/2016)
131: Barren Islands East
...small craft advisory tonight... (Issued: 16:00 06/26/2016)
120: Cape Suckling to Gore Point
...small craft advisory tonight... (Issued: 16:00 06/26/2016)
119: Cape Suckling to Cape Cleare
...small craft advisory through monday... (Issued: 16:00 06/26/2016)
052: Icy Cape to Cape Suckling
...small craft advisory through monday... (Issued: 15:30 06/26/2016)
051: Cape Fairweather to Icy Cape
...small craft advisory this evening... (Issued: 15:30 06/26/2016)
043: Cape Edgecumbe to Cape Fairweather
...small craft advisory this evening... (Issued: 15:30 06/26/2016)

Alaska Region Headquarters
222 West 7th Avenue #23
Anchorage, AK 99513-7575
Voice: 1-907-271-5088
Fax: 1-907-271-3711
Recorded Forecast: 1-800-472-0391
Webmaster Email: ARH Webauthors
Page Modified: 03 Feb 2008 18:00 UTC
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